This article applies to those that received a USPS tracking number. Due to an influx of orders and the COVID-19 pandemic our way of fulfilling orders have changed dramatically.

When you lookup your tracking number on USPS's website (or you may get one or the following messages:

"Label has been created by not yet in the system" or "On Its Way to USPS" or "Duplicate"

Do not be alarmed. This is perfectly normal.

Your order is coming from over seas via a container ship. It will take several weeks before it touches down on our American shores. During this time you will not see any updates on your USPS tracking number.

Once it arrives it will pass through customs and then to our distribution warehouse. From there USPS will pick up your order and that's when your order will finally be in their system. You should start seeing updates afterwards. From there you can expect your order to be delivered to you in a day or two.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of the current situation. We apologies if this delay will cause you any inconveniences.